Vol. 1 Ponte de pie!

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My hometown Nara, where some of you folks know that once this city had prospered as the capital of Japan long time ago. The prefecture is located near Osaka and Kyoto so usually these two prefectures are obviously attracting people a lot more with various sightseeing-friendly spot so Nara doesn’t really stand out as much compared with these places. Nara, however would give you the best feeling that you have ever had. Why? Just because simply it’s my hometown. Being proud for your own root.

Aside from my silly comment, I would like to let you know these ladies. Ponte de pie! 

The company was established by two ladies back in 2010. Their products are made with simple and minimalistic design with a philosophy of “socks that we want to wear everyday”. Those socks are manufactured in the village area of Nara and each socks is composed of a mixture of cotton and paper yarns. They are spun with a vintage loom by an expert with over 50 years of experience and their socks are packed with with special packaging.

Though most of their contents are written in Japanese but they are kindly give us a translation at a blog page so please take a look.



When it comes to do daily chores back in old days, one of those that mom-tells-you-to-do must be the laundry for you correct? Sometimes clothing must be thrown away into washing machine at once so that by the time every clothing is clean and neat, you might find out that your other pair of socks is missing. Like a fabric of Bonnie and Clyde, they are wicked as they look and they are meaningless and harmless without other pair. You sure pay attention to every little details so that socks are one of your piece to look right when you wear them. Their products have no means of collapsing your look as long as you put them together and it would look great if you rock them with leather shoes. 


For more info, Please visit their website.




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