Vol. 10 *A VONTADE

Recently I have been wandering around in Tokyo to see some new stuff that’s happening. Thanks for the SNS, without a doubt, there seems to be always giving and taking of all knowledges that we human had created even though those are trust-worthy or not . Several times of pushing buttons would teach you anything. Even it will take a second if you would like to go to certain place by asking Mr.or Mrs. Siri to let you know the direction. I, myself on the other hand, having my gadget with me all the time gives me unable to chill though I have hard time not to get away with all the technologies that I am surrounded with. There is always urge to step away from something that bothers me. Little self-centered and act like a baby right? That’s one trait that we all can agree.


The Designer, Mr. Yamakawa, He is also one of the finest dude that can draw inspiration from utilitarian aspect of European and US numerous details of clothing and culture to put them together into his creation. With an attitude of keen sensitivity and modern sensibility that Japanese embrace, he is capable of taking advantages of Japan’s technological, functional, and materialistic aspect as well. Just like we always do, trial and error let him proceed his way of worth creating his pieces.

His whole collection is here so please go check that out.

Just as I mentioned, a combination of European and US details are shown with his creation. 100% cotton Football Shirts with a essence of east coast, Aviator Jacket that reminds me of Tom Cruise a little bit, Striped Minimal Shirts with a classic British gents-esque look, etc. Not only typically referred to countries, skater and working class style are also enhanced with his creation so that going out of style will not be accepted. 




His creations are displayed at brand’s flagship store, Bricklayer, in Meguro. Also there are some products for ladies so if you think you and your significant other look great together with Japanese products, please go check him out.



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