Vol. 11 No, No, Yes!

People often have a stereotype each other based on their gender, race, and of course what they wear. The process of judgment on people would be as harshly biased as it sounds and no one would be appreciated if they were categorized as something that they hope not to be. When I first heard the term “Goth Ninja”, I genuinely thought whoever came up with this term (or I should say genre isn’t it?) is genius. Who the hell think aficionado of brands like Rick Owens, Alexander Wang would be considered as some all black, gothic-taste, and capable of open combat covert agent from Japan? I don’t personally hesitate to stereotype people in my own mind but No, No, Yes! have definitely have Goth-Ninja taste to it though I love their creation.


Two dudes who have different skills in specialty of fashion and graphic design established this brand. One of their astounding philosophies is that the leather is something that would never change its enchanted quality, something that has the potential of creation. Something that can be romanticized with the days when we humans are all hunting for the living. Unique name was followed by the idea of one phrase that these two words  “Yes” and “No”are almost universal language and aim for the global operation for their future.

One of the quote from Japanese zen artistry, “affirm with a denial” plays great role in their philosophy, too.

 “In the world of black-and-white sumie painting, some deep colors, which cannot be expressed by paints, are expressed while denying color. A colorful world exists because of the absence of color.”

They meant to express the concept of finding a nurtured, developed appeal from nothingness. Zen-master should be able to understand what it is to affirm with a denial but I get the idea of “No to a No is a Yes”.

How simple is that? 


Their products are basically all made by leather except product like T shirts.  I am not really trying to be a Goth-Ninja but I would love to cop one of those pieces below for sure.


They have bespoke plan as well as diffusion brand called “Shosa” I would not want to say it is a diffusion, I would like to say it’s a carefully selected accessories line with a little bit of art on it.



Credit No, No, Yes! All rights reserved. 

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