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When I was teens, I used to work at teahouse as a part-time job in the middle of place called Nara-Park where bunch of historic monuments of ancient Nara are located near there. The Great Buddha of Nara is always looking after for us with the thoughts of deep awareness of things that the average person will never know. When it comes to conduct a survey of questions “What is your initial image of Nara?” , probably most of Japanese people would answer “Deer”. Those animals are protected and they are never going to be hunted. They happen to bow to us just like Japanese does. However, they are treated as hallowed animal too much so that they get cocky sometimes to trick you and even bite you in order to get the deer biscuits. Oh dear.

One of Nara’s brand, teesica, will provide you nice and comfortable basic T-Shirt so that you would enjoy the summer with cute, yet often annoying deer.


Established in 2012, with the philosophy of three pillars, 1.Make the world fun place with their own hands, 2. Contribute and participate in economic growth and creative industry, 3. Have a passion and be enthusiastic to do what we like. These ideas put three dudes together to polish their ambition and made their thoughts come true. 


Simplicity is always the best.

Basically they are T-Shirt company that they create their piece with organic cotton. People often wear T-Shirt with really noisy, sassy print or some weird statement on it. but you can definitely rock the look with simple T-Shirt like their products.

“Durability and Conformity”

“Stylish and yet, Cute”

“Affordable Price”

These are their concepts and The products are designed and manufactured in Nara. One of the things that strikes me is that their needlework allow us to take off their fabric tags so that it allow us to release the stress of itchiness on your neck when you wear them.


Basic garment like T-Shirt is always necessary to wear everyday life. If you think you would like to find the unique one from anywhere else compared with fast-fashion, cop them ASAP.



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