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A little while ago, there was a combination of holidays called golden week in Japan and usually people are going back to their hometown, spending times with their lovers, getting away from all the disturbing lapse of time that we put ourselves into for everyday life. I don’t blame for the society nor I don’t run a moral risk by scapegoating the company that I belonged, I was not quite feeling comfortable with that lapse of time spent on things at my ex-company that I find them bored as fuck. However, we all know for sure that you also find it bored as fuck when plenty of times hang heavy on your hands, you can’t stop staring at your cellphone and let yourself surf with Tinder to check out some ladies to kill some time. If you have some time to kill, take a look at this entity from Japan Koku.


Located in Hyogo prefecture, furniture workshop mainly deals with wooden and metal products that decorate your room with a taste of lapse of time.


Ko (枯) consists of two Chinese characteristic that represent wood and old in Japanese, falling within these meanings of something that has unique traits and resonances as times passing by. Ku (白) basically means white, yet it contains the meaning of new-start, renewal, freshness that new-born baby has with.

Their philosophy let those terms put together to express that their products will show you resonance with a new perspective when they are treated with human’s hands just like the stain from the book as we turn the pages.


Their products vary from rectangular side, dining table, basic stools, and display shelf to hanger rack. They even produce their own ladder as interior to hook something on. Order-made is accepted as to create your own furniture. A couple times a month as opening days, gallery is open so you folks can have a look.


I believe that usually furniture are more focused with functionality because they are pieces that would decorate your room with a capability of function and it would be just one of the design-focused object if you won’t be able to utilize with your belongings. However, if you just focused on functionality then your room would probably be piled up with your stuff and looks like a warehouse that has no fun to invite your friends over. In order to change your room with stylish accent, they must be the one to look into.

Visit their website and pick which own will be fit to your room.



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