Vol. 15 VONN

Spring to the summer, we enjoy the changing season with colors and atmosphere of things that are surrounding for us. Trees and grasses are preparing for the sun with warm golden light to come down at them. After belated first spring storm, the summer cannot wait to show its face to us. Yet, there is a unique season called Tsuyu in rhythm with the seasons that await its turn to give us a disappointment.

Tsuyu basically is the rainy season in early summer in Japan. It usually starts around the beginning of June or last weeks of May and ends in mid-July. We need to go through this undesirable weather to pass by for a while and let us enjoy the summer. In order to enjoy the summer, we definitely need some shades to look great and protect your eyes from the sun or let your girlfriends (plural if you know what I mean) wear them so that she does not show her no-make-up eyes that look like she just woke up. VONN will surely be your new pieces that you might want to consider adding your wardrobe list.


Newly launched eyewear brand from Japan are not supposed to be confined its possibility. Getting rid of all the unnecessary details of the base, paying refined attention to size detail of up to 0.1mm, giving their products to manifest the esthetic sense of subdued refinement and simplicity. Thanks for the topnotch factory in Japan, the pride to be made in Japan and subtle craftsmanship are expressed with their pieces.




They have 4 sets of sunglasses and glasses as well as 4 sets of color variations. The types of product are Boston, Wellington, and I could say Bosllington if you are glasses lover and put them into some categories. They just started to appear on some magazines from this year however their products have not made it to the market yet and trying to sail to the different market I assume so if you have an interest then please take a look at their website and cop them for your summer!








Credit VONN All rights reserved. 

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