Vol. 16 VAKER

What’s your recent coined term that you heard or created? One of the most memorable terms for me would be YOLO… I know it’s a little embarrassing to mention this term but I really like the sound of it. Recently I found out that there is a new emerging coined term regarding to the category of people called “Third wave guy”. It basically was coined by a phenomenon of emerging coffee movement that has been buzzing the market over the couple month in Japan. Simply said, they are known to have a certain traits that would resemble to the hipster. Daikanyama, Aoyama, Meguro, those places in Japan are the mecca for Japanese hipsters. I assume those Portlanders and Brooklynites (my bad if you are from there) image and lifestyle are the source of their inspiration. I wonder what it is to be categorized as hipster oversees nowadays.

By mentioning coined term, one emerging brand VAKER is also an entity that creates their products with the philosophy of words putting together.

Established early 2015, their motto is to propose Valid products by creator or Maker. You see what their coined term is right? They are true to the real clothes that are created by carefully assembled and selected materials with functionality. The agenda that they suggest for the fastidious people is to embrace the lifestyle that they bring up with their basic and real clothes.





The light indigo chambray shirt, tripled stitched indeed, their logo “V” is embroidered just a little above from hemline on the left side of the body. Silhouette is set to be little sharper because of the tighter armhole so that it will fit to your upper part of the body and arms as well.


Multi color basic T, 6.2oz thick cotton thread is used with this product. The logo is formed with stain print on the white, Navy and Black are made by discharged print on the other hand. By using thick cotton yarns affects texture and creates fading features as you wash the products over time.


They are pretty cool brand to add your wardrobe for sure. They haven’t cleared out their dealers yet but soon to be revealed I guess because they are also working for the 15AW as you can see their website and instagram. Be a fan of them.



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