From the consumer’s point of view, usually one would never reach out to the point of how products are made and who created them unless you really are into that kind of things. I used to be one of them that whatever product I think it is stylish to put on and be affordable with my financial allowance (well, sometimes I underestimated my potential for my wallet), I used to buy them quite often. Just because you would like to project yourself in the way that being judged by your cover from people will be the initial mindset that you come up with. I think it is definitely an undeniable factor so that to dress to impress make sense to all of us. However, you would eventually realize that it is not who you think you should be if you are really into fashion. Balancing your identity and how you want to be always gives you a hard time for sure. One company from Hiroshima “FUKUNARY” is just one of them that quit balancing out their thoughts and end up being the exquisite follower for what they create.


Original company’s name is Yahashi Souin, established in 1961, built by the guy names Hideomi Takahashi, he came up with the name ‘FUKUNARY‘ from his encounter to wine makers. He was inspired by wine company’s philosophy to love their own product and attempt to manufacture the best wine in the world. Their company name is coined term by putting clothing in Japanese and winery together. Fuku means clothing in Japanese so you get that idea right?


Few brands exist under its own name, one of them was created with a collaboration of company called MIKASA, ball and sporting goods company from Hiroshima. Their products are known as an official-use adopted by FIVB (Federation Internationale de Volleyball).

Tote bag made out of fabric that is used to make volleyball. Smooth texture with much durability and lighter weight than leather so that leather might be a little ashamed of their functionality. The Velcro is attached to its openings and fabric with embossed effect gives its unique shininess. What’s more great about this product is that you can easily wash a stain off with eraser. I’m sure you don’t get the fact that how the hell eraser would work on stain but remember, using eraser actually work on small stain for some type of fabric such as nylon, PVC, and suede leather. They mentioned that washing their products as if you wash the dishes at the kitchen.


Other types of bag with different colors are available. However, they do not ship outside of Japan so if you desperately want their products so bad, please let us know and we will help you out.


From Hiroshima to world, a lot of company has same agenda just like them as well as a lot of obstacles that they need to cope with such as an influx of fast fashion and deterioration of industries. I believe that the more people pay attention to the history-long manufacturing entity, the more they are exposed to the market. At least go check them out and let the network surf for the possibility of discover.


人は見た目が 九割とう書籍が一時世間を賑わせたが、確かに事実ではあると思う。そこからどれ程中身を見られ見せ合う事が出来るかが人の面白いところではあると思う。


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