Vol. 18 Short Film 1


Japanese-American descent, Teppei Teranishi from Washington.

I happen to like heavy music and the band called “Thrice”. I know them but I did not really listened to even though I was a fan of Post Hardcore. My bad and keep up with your work!



Osaka-established Company in 2008, One of those who has a passion to convey the ethos of made in Japan. By discovering the creation from Japan will give you some ideas of philosophy with craftsmanship. 



The Inoue Brothers
After the massive destruction of Tsunami occurred back in 2011 in Japan, The brothers stood up for helping people out there at Tohoku Area.
Denmark born-and-raised brothers are to capture their homeland disaster to let the world know what they can do.


Copyright (C)TeranishiCLEDRANThe Inoue Brothers All Rights Reserved.

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