Vol. 19 Kenji Hashimoto “Orthopedic Shoe Maker”

Leather shoes lovers, have you ever felt that your brand-new shoes are too brand-new that you feel pain wearing them? We all know that as you wear them overtimes, those will eventually fit your structure of foot, thanks to the leather that have capability of adaptation and flexibility. Proper footwear on the other hand, looking for the right pairs, regardless of types of shoes, is always pain in the ass. Feeling a little bit of awkwardness is your initial encounter when you wear a pair of shoes and wondering how you can fix it. If you are willing to spend some time to get rid of that first sense of discomfort, you should ask your favorite Internet Browser about orthopedic measures. There is one dude who masters the orthopedic shoes making with foot bed, Kenji Hashimoto, he gained his knowledge through his personal experience.


Born in Osaka, established his brand in 2013. At the first time when he wore first leather loafer shoes, he had been struggling with the discomfort and no clue how that had happened. Couple years later along with jobs that he had been in, he discovered the basic concept of order-made-shoes which was accustoming shoes to your feet, rather your feet to shoes. Then he started learning knowledge of orthopedic appliance for the shoes taught by famous orthopedic shoe meister from Austria in Kobe. He also discovered that the history of shoes is much more developed in Europe compared in Japan. By gaining these knowledge pinpoints him to open his shop to let people know the importance of treatment with your feet and shoes, providing the service among those people who have problem with their shoes and foot.

Basically his ability is to make order-made-shoes with the knowledge of orthopedic shoe making. In addition, he creates foot bed to fix problem such as orthosis for certain medical condition called hallux valgus, flat, and clubbed foot. Here is the great short video for making foot bed below so please check this out.

I have not even considered a bit of structure about foot bone myself but let us get into a little bit of what the function of foot is about. They consist of 26 main bones and 2 sesamoid bones. Foot region is known to have three main frames of arch that can help people to stabilize your body.

Weight-bearing→like an underpinning frame when walking and standing
Impact-absorption→as it states to absorb the impact from the ground
Stabilization,→stabilizing your body by accommodating figure with irregular ground

These main frames help you to walk, run and those activities that you engage with your everyday life.

It’s a little to far for you folks to actually keep in touch with him. However, there must be someone who can help you out with your discomfort for your foot so as I mentioned, go google your nearest orthopedic shoe maker and ask for help. If you live close enough to his place, he can definitely help you out and also check his website for more details.



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