Vol. 2 comm.arch.

Love at the first sight for sure. Sounds really cheesy as hell but as soon as this brand popped out from nowhere for me,  I became huge fan of them. 

No need to explain about comm. arch. to you guys because it seems that the designer is fully capable of communicating with people from all over the world which is fantastic and I wish I was like that.

Simply said, he is Central Saint Martin graduates in London and he had been a member of maison John Galliano and Christian Dior in Paris for quite some time (which is without a doubt…amazing!!), came back to Japan (assuming he is Japanese isn’t he?)  and been working for Japanese company as to gain knowledge for what he needed to establish this piece of art.

from their SS15 collection


14 gauge knit cardigan which is considered to be pretty high and finely knitted. Even though it depends on the yarn, needle, and stitch pattern, 14 gauge needs to be done with delicate technique to it.  Shell buttons are used with each garments and each every pieces will be embedded with sophistication and clarity for sure.

Personally what I like about this guy is that they are not only creating look, casting with caucasian models, but as well as creating it with Asian models. Asians especially Japanese models should be casted more for great brand like them. Let me know if you have same ideas as I do.


This is pretty sick to me that each pattern on those knit needs to be programmed by engineer with each every stitch. This is the type of artistry that I find it interesting, too. I wonder how they would do this type of things. Soothing texture and fluffy touch of 100% Indian cotton are used with this cardigan.

Well, for more info, you can click their website and they are awesome enough to explain everything both English and Japanese so please check them out. Hopefully I would love to cop one of their products soon.




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