Vol. 20 Far Eastern Enthusiast

Japan is an island where its own unique culture exists. Surrounded by an oceans called Pacific Ocean and Sea of Japan. However, there is no such things as west coast and east coast as united state of America have. I remember one time a guy came up to me and said to me as a joke that Japanese comes from Far East Coast and I did not quite understand what it meant at that time. It was actually a reference from stoner movie called “How High”. One Rapper-wanna-be Asian actor mentioned that he came from Far East Coast with a hand sign of “E” that represent East Coast from a Hip Hop reference. Though it was a projected image of cocky Asian dude and was sort of funny but how the hell would I understand that stupid saying?! It was definitely an insult if I come to think of it though. In spite of that mayhem I received, now I feel like I could represent ourselves without any hesitation that we represent from FAR EAST COAST. I would also like to come along with brand “Far Eastern Enthusiast” to represent Japan to the world without any insult for sure.

Tokyo base Vintage clothing store “LOSTHILLS” They are those who appreciate americana products and they acquire various knowledges from fabric and sewing technique that has been used and applied to as well as those history that they carry along with time. As both an end user and a designer, they shout their heart out to say to themselves that their desire to be a fashion fanatic and become the “Far Eastern Enthusiast” as to be proud that Japanese vintage brain and philosophy are the best of the best.


Spider Web Souvenir Jacket



50’s vintage well-know product, Souvenir Jacket, they created this piece just as it is found from the 50’s era. Spider motif embroidery is hand-stitched, embroided by the artisan and the stitched-letters as if it is scribbled to describe a characteristic of roughness and rugged feeling. The texture was also enhanced to look like it just came back from old days, too. The body and rib are deliberately sunburned by design as to create a shading pattern from aging and have them little loose and unkempt so that those effects make it appear like little shabby as to look time passed by.

Their latest collection is 15SS and more products are on their website so please check them out as well as they have other brand collaborating with Americana overseas. Not only they wish themselves to be a Far East Enthusiast, but us and other brands also need to join their motto as a like-minded people so that we can recognized ourselves as an enthusiast, not like “Cool Japan” that was broadcasted in the way that we think it’s different.

彼らの名前がカッコよ過ぎる。そして潔さとアイテムの醸し出してる世界観と雰囲気。  正直びっくりする程こだわっていると思う。ある道を極めるとノームから外れてしまい、疎外感が生まれる事は仕方が無いが、こだわりは男なら持つべきだと思う。それが何であろうとも。


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