If you were a color, what would you be? Along with your favorite color that you sometimes are being asked as well as your race containing a bit of racial slur and funny, sarcastic sense of humor. I would be gray to pick and the banana was my first racial slur, yet with a humorous explanation, that I thought it was really hitting the nail on the head from my point of view. Japanese could be categorized as banana wannabe I assume. Including me, they are so into western culture that you could obviously see how it turned out in Japan. What can you tell us about the fact that we are into western culture? One that I come up with would be that we love Americana and I get little embarrassed saying this but we love speaking English. Well, every opinion on this question should be either black and white because this company will tell you one side only. “TOUCH CLASSICS”. ALL BLACK EVERYTHING.

Based out of Sendai, where some of you folks know this place is one of the most crucial damaged city by the earthquake that had happened in 2011. They produce various kinds of tool around your lifestyle. What’s interesting is that they use traditional lacquer-coating technique called Tamamushi-nuri. Tamamushi-nuri is a traditional technique that requires multiple layers of coating. This repetition that is applied over 10 times or even much more creates an iridescent luster that looks like a Tamamushi (jewel beetle). This method was developed in 1932 as to make ornamental but useful craftwork. Though this technique is tied to its traditional values, “TOUCH CLASSIC” however modernizes this technique to seek for the current demand by staying true to their handwork and stick to their guns.


Salad Bowl


With a luster that it obtain with multiple layer of coating as well as this striated pattern that create a nuance of lighting. You could definitely use this pitch-black lacquer ware as to decorate your salad with a taste of stylishness. This type of product is considered to be a little difficult to handle when used but just like a crystal-eating utensil, wipe it off when washed and better not to leave it wet.




Well, it’s not tumblr obviously and this product is a collaboration with company called Shotoku Glass. Graded lacquer coating is applied with handcrafted glassware and the pattern resembles a mountain covered with sea of clouds. This products is my favorite that the contrast of glass and lacquer creates the balanced look as to show the gradation of black to white and vice versa.


They also have this unique type of house furnishing. You can’t really skate and smith grind with this because you do not ruin the exquisite of coating.

Skateboard Deck Shaped Stool



They have English description all over their website so please check them out.



Copyright (C) TOUCH CLASSICS All Rights Reserved.

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