Young and fresh are precious time of the moment. Some of you might be spending your time rebelling out to the society and rest of you might be hooking up with girls all the time and made gazillions of mistakes. Yet, working your ass off to earn some money and doing same mistakes all over again I assume. I was one of those people, too. Whatever you did back in old days, the point of no return comes into play and let you slip away from freedom without actual recognition for yourself that you need to be grown-up. Your mindset of being young, on the other hand, can be sometimes covered with your well-developed persona that you gained from society. You have no hesitation to behave as if you run your own company and pretend not to care about being young that you missed the most. However, It is no doubt that your appearance talks itself that you are not young any more than your mindset. The Japanese men’s grooming company, “ALLIWANT” might be the one to polish out your skin and look fresh.

Established in 2011 with a preparation of few years, recently launched men cosmetic brand “ALLIWANT” with a concept of “everlasting youth”. In Japanese society, it is pretty common for guys to take care of their own skin. Skincare market for guys is also pretty big in Japan except grooming. I mean trimming your body hair and shaving your down there. You know what I mean.

Improvement your apparent age,
Made in Japan product,
Lifestyle-related products,
Quality over quantity,
The result based in everyday use,

This list above is their motto that they would like to broadcast so that they are to support grown up with a desire to be better. Their slogan would be a little cheesy to be honest but I am totally down for it. Basically, their products are three set of skincare contains Silver, Black and Gold. Well, I personally care my skin enough not to look dry as desert and oily as greasy pork chop.



Brightening, no need to exfoliate one’s skin as to look great for dude but we might need to protect our skin from sun. Whitening sounds little too girly so brightening work well though.



Moisture, dude tends to wash their skin too much because obviously we do not care ours as much as women does. I learned the lesson from researching about them quite a lot. The moist will be need with my heart, too.



Elasticity, enrich your skin might be look greater than your significant other. Don’t. Otherwise you look as if you are one of her best gay friend with a little kinky voice.

Aside from all the poor jokes I have made, I think all guys should at least take it into consideration that skincare is one of your daily chore as if you drink coffee every morning. If you have resilient, smooth shine-and-oil-controlled skin, you might be able to get to know how much ladies put their effort to look great for you instead of asking them to look great all the time but not yourself.

Also Don’t forget to check out their website!



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