Vol. 23 Rough and Rugged

Tokyo, the place where it attracts a lot of people from all over the world. At the first time when I brought myself here, it was not as brilliant as I had expected because I did not have much time to explore around. Now it has been about one and half year since I started to live from overseas, I get to walk around and all these unique places and cultures always give me a stimulus to let you folks know what they are up to. Also I am always fascinated by the cultures that norm would not accept or I would say the cultures from overseas. I am not saying I am not proud of my own culture, however what predecessors have created (I am talking about you guys), in terms of every culture that has influenced our way of life, they evolve with our own perspective and now I feel like I would like to give those back to you guys with our taste. Rough and Rugged” is one of tokyonites who have absorbed the motorcycle, surf, and military cultures and bring them up to the next level with their own taste.


Established in 2000 by Takashi Enomoto, they are clothing company that continues his own will of manufacturing cutting-edge product that composed of motorcycle, surf and military culture blended together. Those cultures remain ingrained in his spirit so that he could produce such awesome products. Influenced from West coast vibe and he embrace with his fullest passion for “Built For Speed”.


Vision Coach Jacket



Using high-quality fabric sewn with atypical thread “Stunner”, manufactured by Toray to create this garment. Coach jacket can be found with poor-quality fabric, it basically windproof garment so that nylon is used for most of them. Domestic tech-proficient company lend their hands to use their high-tech version of nylon thread so that the texture is real comforting and matte effect give you a dapper look and ride your own motorcycle whenever you wish.




Including what this awesome dude represents, these cultures are based on western culture for sure. We often take it for granted that almost every entity that dwells in our everyday life are based off of overseas. We literally depend on everything even intangible stuff such as cultures and ethos that we received and learned from you. I once thought myself that why don’t we develop our own culture and broadcast them to the world such as manga, kawaii etc..? However, most of them are only enjoyed with myself and I find them unable to deliver to you guys with passion. That’s why I believe that along with his brand and any other entity, projected idea or philosophy that Japanese embrace and develop with our own agenda are so much in needs of attention and should be broadcasted.  Their website owns both of them, too so check them out.



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