Monozukri or Monodukuri, those words simply mean making things in Japanese. Those ideas are one of the core principles that I would like to let you folks know. They infused with profound impression of skilled artisans putting so much effort on their work, striving for their ideal perfection regardless of time and cost. Picture those blue-collar workers, they are dusty, gritty dudes with dirty hands and stained clothing. I find those states of men as sexy as fine gorgeous lady. Pouring your heart and soul to create something is such a noble attitude I think. Toyama-based company “FUTAGAMI”, they can show their spirit of those ideas and attitudes with brass.

Initially the company was established in over a hundred years ago, in 2009,they modernized their product to apply to living ware so that they can be emerged in our everyday life. They use pure brass with a painting method to make their pieces so that as you use them over time with a chemistry of oxidization, those pieces will embrace their originality of beauty. I just love the change of product with time passing by.


Pendant ramp shade


myoujou kuromura







“Kuromura” (黒ムラ), the method that they apply to coat their product, these products look like as if an unearthed object from ancient times that had discovered from antiquity. Unlike typical coating or plating, their products are painted as uneven with a procedure of adding heat and black paint that you might have seen Japanese ladies putting it to blacken their teeth “Ohaguro”(お歯黒). Just like a human being, each one of their products have their own facial expression that gives you a warmth and as I mentioned, using over time let them have a depth in color and texture.


They create various type of living ware below and check out whole collection on their website.


These products below are the bottle-openers. I’m impressed how stylish these products are.


My biased idea would be that men are required to have something that they are passionate about. No matter what it is, willing to spend time with it, become immersed in it would be an ideal. Unfortunately, I think that I myself and a lot of people got invaded by the tidal waves of Internet so that it gets a lot easier to get the knowledge and surf as much as the time allow them to do so. Basically I meant it gets harder and harder to find what your passionate about by the stimulus of curiosity from it and what’s worse is that all you see on internet do not really let you remember very much.



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