Vol. 25 RISEY

Mainstream versus Underground, I’m pretty sure all of you folks have thoughts about this topic if you settled in music industries. I once put a thought into the meaning of those terms and I did not quite get these ideas at that time and honestly still I can’t find the word to describe it with my own philosophy yet. Without even realizing what these terms exactly trying to convey, I was and am always fascinated by the one side “underground”. Some say moneymaking becomes mainstream that’s maybe correct but that does not mean underground does not make money at all. “Sellout” is also an interesting term as an English-second-language-speaker, too. As an insult, it can be used to describe for those who betrays a cause for personal advancement. you would basically have a little control over whatever you are into when it gains popularity and sometimes things play out as their own role regardless of your intention. One Japanese brand “RISEY”, brand that people in the know, know will let you know who he is.

In the 90’s, some big name Japanese brand ruled fashion world in Japan such as BAPE, UNDERCOVER etc..The designer, Kimihisa Senyju established “RISEY” in 2012 after the absence from fashion world for about 9 years. Late 90’s, He was a director of clothing entity called SOTQ (Swipe on the quite) and NEXD as well as clothing store called MOTORWN. None of them are no longer exist but those brands have an extreme follower such as Senjyu Kei, which can be described as follower of his brand that mixed street style with high-functionality garments. His brand was one of those well-known collectives of Ura-hara Street style and I would say he was one of the biggest alpha influencer of all time in the 90’s style. “New Standard’ is his brand’s concept and by naming that, he would try to flip over the definition of street style. 





Modifying the ECWCS (Extended Cold Weather Clothing System) with his idea, High-density and firm with staple 60% cotton and 40% nylon (typical mountain jacket spec) so called 60/40 mountain cloth, he designed this pull-over anorak with bi-color so that it can submerge itself into the great sea of modern fashion world.

 Other items are as follows





Not much of an info regarding to the products or brand but his creation have a street influence with a mixed of gimmick in details. Pop’n’cute illustration with a street essence to his oproduct, street style lover or hypebeaster out there, this is one of must-cop-right-now brands that you should stick in your mind.

Check out his latest collection here



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