In the year of 2020, Tokyo has won the bid to host an Olympic for about a year ago, this will be the fourth times of prizing moment, 1964 at Tokyo, Sapporo and Nagano hosted the 1972 and 1998 Winter Games. It surprisingly overcame a fear of grim reaper cussing around from the Fukushima nuclear power plant, collapsed by the massive earthquake-tsunami disaster. Therefore, this might be a great chance for you folks to discover Japan in terms of creative industry as well. If you folks have ever visited Japan at some point of your life, there are still couple years of time that we need to kill in order to actually see the Olympic. Why don’t we take a look at more interesting sides of Japan? Especially if you do not want to be one of those typical tourists that might think Japanese are xenophobia, well at some extent, yes we are but fuck those stereotype and enjoy as much as you can.

MANUFACTURED BY SAILOR’S” might be really interesting to take a look at regardless of whether you fear being judged from them or not.

Established in 2011, obviously as their name stated, their sources of creation are sailor, yacht, and marine. Their aim is to analyze the true utilitarian method of sundry goods and upgrade in function and design with a technique of craftsmanship. Their journey as a brand is depicted as such,


The first ride in Yacht, that was one of memorable experience that dig up your memory of youth, excitement that no words can describe it.




The classic and staple indeed. This piece is made out of combination of canvas and pull-up leather. Pull-up leather is the term used to leather with a natural look that lightens in color when stretched during wears to produce a unique worn-in effect over time.

A pull attached to the zip is handmade by artisan and a grip to its product is designed with an image of paddling a boat.




PVC lining, minimalist design with a concern of town-use, hidden zipper that is covered with fabric (zipper shield) so as to protect from being wet. Original handmade leather pieces are used with this product.

They are currently working on 15AW with a precious 15ss collection so please let you surf with your curiosity. Their website is here.




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