Vol. 28 BrownBrown

Sheering persistence, this is the key to my life for a long time. I am type of person who get to have a curiosity with a lot of things such as culture, people, making things, English, music, fashion, etc.. Those are always with each step of my life and will never fade away from me. However, it sometimes gives me a hard time to stick to one thing because boredom suddenly comes into play and I find myself not doing what I was previously doing really easily. However, One particular matter that I always have passion for and I am proud to let you folks know is the language of English and by that, I could get to know more about those make-my-curiosity-work things around me. Yet, knowing who I am based off of my own experience I always have an admiration for those who stick to one thing and follow their passion to make themselves have a meaning to their life. “BrownBrown” are those who pursue their passion and do what they think is right.


Established by duo, Tatsuro Kawamura, Yu Watanabe, their creation varies a lot with leather, metal into accessory, bag and daily ware. I have mentioned at some point and along with their philosophy, something that you have used for a certain amount of time and the change that it creates such as losing substances, weathered, getting old, anything you say regarding of state that you can tell by the look that time passed by, They are creating their products with its mentality and also creating the world surrounded by its mentality. Based off from Tokyo, their pieces have no border in terms of productions, their desire to creation would not bother themselves from being an artisans.


Their latest 15SS collection is under the theme of “Play to goout”. Their title has no intention of making it formal to announce, rather they let you guys chill with their products and go have fun with them. I have no idea what those two word “go” and “out” stuck together and I will find out about that soon.

“Eating cup noodle at the mountain taste delicious indeed!”

This was the last sentence of their theme and I find it really awesome to mention. Their products are below and please have a look.


Key Chain







Their whole collection is here at their website. Even though sometimes Japanese does not reply to you because of xenophobia or something, if you really have an interest in purchasing their products or any other entity that you have a desire to cop, please let me know. I am more than happy to help you out.




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