Vol. 29 Added Value 2

Following from the article that I wrote “Vol. 9 Added Value”, I would like to talk more about how this value is on the run.

The awareness of importance in domestic production has been one of the topics among creative industries for many years and especially fashion industry since last year. It is actually pretty interesting to know the fact that domestic production has gaining its popularity, only among Japanese people I assume. 
The rise of awareness toward Made in Japan product that is considered to be high quality is not the trigger for the attention to domestic production, rather it comes from cost factor that have an influence on fashion industry. By the phenomena of weakening yen exchange rate, the manpower expenses in outsourcing from other Asian countries such as China, South East Asia region have increased over couple seasons, cost factor of importing goods from overseas versus manufacturing goods internally create a slight difference, and the time effectiveness in manufacturing domestically are the reasons for the awareness of domestic production. Those are the main reasons why some companies are reaching out to the domestic factory and domestic production is buzzing recently. Without a doubt, the process of outsourcing had a severe impact on internal production even if it regains attentions little by little. Those struggling factories that has a technological competence has been a target from various apparel company that they engage in fierce competition to hand off a production to those factories.

Domestic production is now facing its turning point as to warm up their existence or not. The ever-lasting obsession of Japanese consumer toward importing products from all over the world, and fast-fashion company is proposing quick motion of expanding their realm, it will be very challenging for those domestic factory to keep up with their quest for sure. Regardless of thrive that each one of Japanese company seek for, there are still bunch of factories that face its death with to get over with. It surely won’t be as easy as piece of cake but It is also impressive to hear that few companies has been conducting business with internal entity. Taking action must be done for the sake of factories out there to support them from losing their long-lasted technique that passed down from generation to generation. I personally have done anything but expressing my idea and thoughts with this platform, but someday I will definitely a part of something that I can engage myself to support them with my experience and hopefully I can get in touch with one of them to hear what they are facing about.

Let me hear your thoughts on this, what do we need to do expand the movement of made in Japan?



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