The summer is almost there, technically it will actually take quite a time to feel the scorching heat with holy-smoking humid that Japan can maliciously offer. Those who has experienced the summer time in Japan, some of you folks have definitely some sort of ill-consideration not to come back to Japan again. well, there is something that Japan is willingly offer for you.


In 1975, The company was established and founder Mr. Yamaguchi’s son, Kiyoshi is the guy who created these amazing swimwear. Himself as surf-addict who started to make those products as one of his hobbies, found by legendary Surf art/illustrator Koji Toyoda, he himself was realized how incredible the craftsmanship that Kiyoshi’s company expressed. That’s the beginning that Kiyoshi created not for his hobby, instead he decided to run his company with those products.



NALUTO TRUNKS hopes that you would enjoy your surf life with us.”


Even They have this type of trunks, too.



Your body would instantly become tuned into their products when it comes to surf. Their needlework with their humbleness and caring for surfer surely grab your heart,too. Their philosophy and compassion will be definitely grabbing surfer’s heart.

Their products are sold at various retailers in Japan including Ron Herman Japan. Please ask them if possible to purchase outside of Japan.

I personally have never surfed before so as soon as I get to have some free time, I would love to try that. Last year I was not even thinking of going for surf because of my introverting side of me comes into play and I regretted that to be honest. This year (or next year possibly) I surely will give a shot to let the ocean take me away with their trunks on.



All Images Copyright (C) NARUTO TRUNKS Rights Reserved.


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