Street snap, these good-looking, well-dressed people from around the world are kicking it with their own manifesto on the Internet. Photographs of fine, dapper dude on instagram are pretty much source of inspirations with your style these days but for Japanese, especially street snap in the magazines has been a great source of a style inspiration for a long time that even it exists till now. Speaking of street, any of folks have ever tried to define what exactly the streetwear represent? I personally think that it is extremely difficult to define. A fashion statement influenced by what is happening “on the streets” is the definition I came up with and probably as far as my experience tells me that the perception of streetwear will always on the move and constantly changing its form. I would say that one of the current streetwear movement will be described as clothing that has a monochrome features, skeptical and mysterious graphic that reminds of secret society. “LILWHITE.” would be one of the Japanese brands that can depict the movement of streetwear to describe my thought with its image.


Recent-established brand from Japan, “LILWHITE.” represent Street, Music, and Mode as well as the sensibility attached to their collection to reflect a plugged-in moment to propose their own style, aiming to let the follower feel the joy to own their product. Their logo states “Hope dies last” which I thought it was some kind of reference from ancient Greek myth or book that was published over a decade ago. It is actually just a quote to manifest their philosophy that I think it sounds sort of cool.


-HXPE- Champion T


Black and white 6.1 oz Champion body is used. HXPE on the hemline with three inverted cross lines side by side, X logo on both shoulders as well as a logo of Champion on the hemline of left sleeve. The design-wise, I really feel the current movement of streetwear that a crew from A$AP Mob would like to wear their product for sure. I wonder what exactly all those logo represent even though they look pretty amazing. and this technique of replacing one letter to another looks cooler than it is with usual letter. What is the term for this technique in English?


Here are other products that they create below.


Paisley Bucket Hat


Sticker Set


Unfortunately they are not capable of shipping outside of Japan but they will eventually start doing that with a demand from overseas.

Their whole collection is here so please take a look.

My taste would let myself wear their product because their designs are little to overwhelmed for me. Aside from my personal preference, it feels fresh to take a look at different genre of fashion scene and learn from it. It would be great if they can collaborate with domestic factories to support the rise of awareness for them.




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