Vol. 4 COLUMBUS “Shoe Care Tutorial”

Shoes are basically designed and manufactured for human being to stay away from hurting your feet. They are one of our essentials to maintain our way of life. I wonder how many of you ever thought of having a life without shoes or anything that can be worn on your feet. Shoes are not meant to be taking for granted. There is one company that I find it interesting to let all of you folks know. I like their philosophy, too.

I would like to introduce the company COLUMBUS.

They are basically a shoe care product company that has established over 50 years ago with a change of its name. They run a start-up business from almost 100 years ago. They cover each every products regarding to shoes such as cleanser, mink oil, shoe brush, water-proof/repellent and deodorant spray etc. Their products also correspond with various type of leather and even sneaker too so that you sneaker heads might consider copping their products at some point.

Here is a shoe care tutorial subtitled in English so you can learn how to take care of your own shoes.


Also there is an awesome artistic promotion/short film version of their shoe care brand “Boot Black” so take a look.

I remember when I was little, one time my mom was actually using their product to shine my dad’s shoes and I ask him why she was doing that for him and she said, “Bowing is an initial movement for business man to encounter others as one of Japanese traits (you know what I mean) so that whenever they go, it’s always good to have a brand-new-look shoes to show others how much one can be responsible for what he does.” I did not really understand what it exactly meant but now I do. I’m pretty much sure there are some scientific proof/article about personality traits with shoes.



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