Vol. 5 honor gathering

Before I quit my company to start exploring the possibility for my own future, the area called Aoyama was the place where I used to work at. It sure was the office district filled up with so-called salary man, those who wear same suit pretty much everyday. Though they definitely work their ass off to achieve something, Yet I always am unable to be one of them. Aoyama, however, is where many fashion-related companies are at and have their own places, too. Especially, the street named after curio or antique in Japanese “Kottou”, it consists of various sophisticated retailers and gives you a feeling that the dudes are not welcomed, only the man with ladies can be accepted at that place, weird huh? There are definitely some places you need to take a look though. honor gathering is one of them that you find it amazing. 


The designer/Director Yu Ota talks about his concept of the brand and philosophy here so if you can read Japanese, then please take a look. His philosophy toward his brand is that as name of the brand stated, Honor for those who can participate in creating something creative and ideas that they have with him, by Gathering each other gives him an opportunity to express his creation.

My favorite piece from his collection is below. it looks like just one of ordinary sweat. It is not. It has a grunge-esque finish to the bottom of piece and I love how the feeling of Torn and Frayed that this product has. This product is from 14SS.


Their SS15 collection debuted about a month before and their creation was amazing. The designer, coming from the vintage and antique world, somehow I find his pieces a bit of nostalgia feeling to them and at the same time, they are meant to create for those who can appreciate the a state of time passing by from the objective standpoint, yet minimal design enables to radiate an atmosphere of  the future. His pieces are the creation of appreciation for the past and future.


Please go check out his website and see full latest collection for yourself folks.



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