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Craftsmanship, which gradually gain some fame over the couple years in U.S. Back in the days when I was in states, I realized how much I was blessed to share my thoughts on how artisanal product should be appreciated, craftsmanship needs much attention to be paid. I have been sharing only a little knowledge over how people in states embrace their life with appreciating their creation. I would like to share with people in Japan and let the world know how we put our effort into our art and passion.

This time, young-guns like us, his creation draw our attention, REN.


Born in Shiga prefecture, (which is next to my home town Nara) he has been amazed by how product are made with hands. He stated that product that human created has a memory embedded to them. Handprint and warmth that craftsmanship put an effort to will always remain to the product.


Some of them may already be around yourself and others are in the process of being made.” 

I truly admire his philosophy and I think not only man but also all of us should appreciate how product are made with passion, idea and mind. Times spent on something to create will become a layer of minds, memories, and passions so that the product itself can tell the story by itself.


His pieces are basically an opposite of luxurious, high-end art. Some of his pieces feature the process of lust that as time goes by, lusting will be activated on contact with air generated by oxygen. Some of you might think that will look sort of unattractive. He finds it really amazing and he enjoys the process of decaying metal as well. 

He has his collection with minimalistic designs so please check him out.



Picture’s Copyright (C) REN All Rights Reserved.

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