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If you are thinking of buying something to your wardrobe, when you endeavor to look for something new to your closet, what exactly the factors that you decide to purchase? There must be some requirement that you think it is important, probably such as design, price, and quality. These are three essentials that you probably ever thought of. When it comes to add a new list on my wardrobe, however, of course depending on papers that my own wallet carries, I like it when I see the concept of the brand, how they create their product with something that they believe. Those essentials that I mentioned earlier are obviously tangible factors that you can actually see and feel the difference. However, intangible factors that cannot visually see, physically feel, are known to be affecting on your motive of purchase, too. These factors are something that I feel really attracted to. Whether it is a philosophy, passion, or belief, those factors are something that you need to take a look at.

As the time is passing by, you always feel the needs to make a change. This company CURLY is one of the brand that they stick to their philosophy to manufacture what is aesthetically good for their customer. Here’s their story.


Established in 1963, at Kagawa prefecture, as the hand gloves manufacturer, they started to conduct a business of cut-and-sewn factory after following 5 years. At firsthand under the name of Made in Japan, they were manufacturing cut-and-sewn to export to the world. Along with affection by high-yen recession, though they have prospered by investigating and reviewing on their production line and also their own improvement on the sewing machine, outsourcing phenomena that have been in the game for over some years also affected them in the way that they have to make a change for the sake of themselves. While all those manufacturers fall into that negative spiral, they began to explore a possibility of creating their own agenda. In 2009 CURLY was born. They structured and centered all process under their roof so that they became capable of conducting their business directly with their client. Now they have their own flagship store The Weft and available at various retailers in Japan.

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Their products are minimal-based, plain and simple, yet each one of their products are pieces that all techniques of improvement put together so that I’m sure the quality is beyond one’s imagination. Also each item are oriented with military, sport, and classic atmosphere to them so that numerous taste can be found in their product. 



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