Vol. 8 WEAR


The look, we all appreciate style. Style is not just composed of statement of sartorial pieces, Style is multiple layers of mind, experience, and confidence. Probably you folks definitely find this clip interesting to take a look at. Learn a tip from Japanese fashionista.

If you are a men’s fashion enthusiast, you maybe have heard of ZOZO TOWN, A Japanese fashion commerce of Michael Jordan, operated by the company called START TODAY CO.,LTD. WEAR is one of their project that this app works as basically a look book that people can upload their coordinated look to it. Also letting you save photos of clothes, or even scan barcodes when you show to get detailed information about an item. In participating stores, you can even buy that item online at ZOZO TOWN. Some of Japanese retailers use this app as marketing tool to show readers of how one can rock and cop the look with product that retailers suggest and sell. Mainly men’s look is not as popular as women’s look per se. However, you can technically see how much Japanese men are fashion-conscious and probably learn a tip from them.

I personally heard a lot about this rumor that especially people from Midwest (no offence guys), they are not as much fashion-conscious as people from the west or the east. Back in NY, a lot of guys are really into fashion no matter what type of clothing they wear and as soon as I let myself exposed to them as Japanese, the first word that I hear is “you Japanese are best at styling compared to other Asians. I can sometime tell apart by looking at their style!!” At that time I was with one Chinese and Korean friends and they got mad as fuck (Sorry guys!!) But at least I felt a little confidence in where I came from and the attire that I wore that day.

WEARはここ最近、あまり見かけなくはなったと感じているが、相変わらずすごい人気だそうで。調べてみるとASOSとも何か提携しているのかな? ZOZOもこの前、なんとタダでお買い物が出来たみたいですし。。


Credit WEAR All rights reserved.  

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