Vol. 9 Added Values

Today’s story is about how Japan depends on outside of the world and concerns of how the ethos of Made in Japan is not still on the table to argue about.

According from SENKEN. established in 1956, a publisher/newspaper for the Japanese fashion industry, one of their columns stated about a survey regarding to Made in Japan product. One of their columns which were published recently, they were referring to the source of added values. By added value, they mean the idea of made in Japan. Basically the mindset of made in Japan represent a high quality, yet unique-produced entity manufactured by factory that dwells in pride and techniques in Japan. However, the future with that mindset is not as bright as it seems.

97% and 3%, can you imagine what these numbers indicate? These numbers are the ratio of import and domestic apparel products that are shared in Japanese fashion market. Almost every apparel products are coming from outside of Japan. Less than 5% of those products are actually manufactured and shared in the market. Those numbers speak themselves to us that how the mindset of promoting Made in Japan product is less focused. It is said that the increase of foreign tourist and the rise of awareness with domestic product by promoting internally are the key to purchase Made in Japan product. However, as those numbers show that Japanese are pretty much depending on what you folks export to us.

I am not really good at numbers and economics either, however as far as I am concerned, I think the concept of Made in Japan should be more focused and should be broadcasted to the world much more than ever. I think one of the crucial problem is that couple medium which are making effort to promote that idea, they promote only with their own language. I myself feel it, too that expressing with your own thoughts and ideas in different language can be a real pain in the ass. If they are the ones to keep making a daily update on something in English, they should be more exposed to the world and gain the popularity for sure I think….

We as an Islander’s Orb, we would love to participate in promoting anything Made in Japan from Japan and hopefully we would be able to improve that situation, too.

Tell us your thoughts on this topic.


世界から注目されているEngineered Garmentsなど、世界で活躍する日本のクリエイティブな存在をもっと広めたいと思う。


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