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I happened to visit one place for a certain amount of time to see what the men’s fashion scene is like compared with Japan. This was not my initial reason to bring myself out there but I was more into checking about it rather than just becoming one of those typical foreign tourists. What I noticed was that countless Asian people are found at everywhere I go. Assuming most of them are Chinese people and I am really surprised to see so many of them have a life out there to emerge into a society. Even back in the days when I was in states, I was always impressed by the powerful culture of what Chinese people try to share and blend into the society of others. I only have little knowledge in Chinese culture whatsoever and do not know how their society works but I am fascinated by the attitude that they embrace to create their own surroundings at pretty much anywhere they prefer to live. One typical example is that almost anywhere around the world, they have their own place as China Town and even inbound tourist from china is the main customer for Japanese fashion industries to aim at for letting them to buy domestic product that are made in Japan. I must insist that Japanese at least better not talk shit about them about copying existing stuff with their poor quality, rather to learn their attitude and gut from them. I personally would love to gain some knowledge to access Chinese culture via some China bore and raised individuals.


This time, I would like to introduce “enku”, the leather brand stems from original Japanese technique to convey a message of what Japanese craftsmanship is capable of. Just like Chinese people, we need to be smart to expand our culture to let the world know what we are up to.


The guy behind this brand Kenichi Harada, because of his passion for making leather product that originated in Japan with its uniqueness, He had travelled around Japan to seek for an idea of dying leather. He reached at the technique of indigo dying leather for his answer. He discussed his idea with wizards of these realms to combine these two things to make his own creation based off of Japanese craftsmanship. Word “enku” originated from his philosophy that he believes language differentiate people no matter what, still they could be together under the borderless sky and share the feeling of surprise and excitement. Destiny plays great role with his principle as well. The name enku is a coined term made by en (destiny) and ku (sky), which means he would like to share his destiny with people beneath the endless beautiful sky.


Here are the three processes of Indigo Dying with leather.







The key to create even application of dyeing is the number of times to soak with the dyeing liquid that slightly changes the proportions of chemical with natural indigo over time. By doing so to dye without any unevenness, it would take couple days and deep Japanese unique blue color is created. Compared with the automated and artificial chemical being used to dyeing process, time and money spending would be a drastic difference but those amazing color without doubt, is true piece of art. More product and detail are at his website do please check him out.




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