Vol. 33 SAY!

I used to play with my Jesus-esque long hair a lot because of my preference with music since I was Junior high school. My sister let me have a CD from Blink 182 “Take of your pants & Jacket” and this was the first exposure to western music that I really pumped to listen to all day long. Since then, I am all about western music and I’m not even ashamed to say that I was obsessed with western music regardless of genre. What’s even better that at the time, I thought of for those who listened to J-pop was lame as fuck because I think they are less cool than me. What a stupid lame motherfucker I was. As I got into more western music toward heavy music, it just occurred to me that I started to have a long hair to differentiate with anybody else to build a self-esteem idealism of myself. When it comes to think of it, I just lost its way of expressing myself without the look, it was really a reminiscing past to look back to as well as it caused to me to think that it was just a humiliation for myself. I have been still a huge fan of heavy music but I don’t follow the scene as much as I used to be because I have a lot of things in my mind to look after and settle for my own future. Still, I would love to see myself participating in gigs and bang your head off like a breakdown maniac.
This time, I would like to show you other Japanese street brand called “SAY!” This brand has a unique story to tell so get yourself psyched like a first concert that you have ever been.


13SS established brand, the designer Zen used to be at center of well-known brand grandcanyon in Japan. After he resigned from its position, “SAY!” was created with a concept of the word “say” represents. His final answer along with his friends that has a passion in delivering the massage with words (which are artist and comedian) was the idea of

“Principle of clothing is initially an entity to wear and fun to look at, not a trend-following objects, rather something that I would like to make in order to wear for myself. This is my opinion and something important that I SAY it aloud.”

“SAY!” is also an abbreviation for Standard And You. Establishing standard with a taste of something extra from clothes and individuality that is generated by wearer. Thinking outside the box and sharing my own creation with people that I personally love to wear.”

The designer embraces the importance of wording as if human is the only creature that can use language and speak a word, the word “SAY!” is ideal wording for his philosophy in creating and his strong wording is embedded in his creation.


Wool Baseball Cap

Shaggy wool made out of blended yarn.

L/S Tee “oops!!”

5.6oz Semi-combed.

Sweat Parka “Reflector”

USA Champion 9oz. 50/50 pull over foodie is used, special reflective printing.


Personally I really like the design and graphic aspect of his collection except every product have “drop” accent to them. Dropped shoulder, Dropped crotch, etc.. I am not a fan of these designs because especially drop shoulder, it is supposed to be utilized toward women’s clothing to enhance on femininity.
These collections are 15AW so you might not be able to cop right away but they have some dope-ass 15SS collection at their website so please check them out.




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