Vol. 34 RIVORA

This is quite a mutual understanding and natural reaction for those who have been abroad and spend certain amount of time to settle in foreign countries, especially Japanese who have been in states for a while, Americanization. I mean including myself, they way they behave, the thought-processing, even the way they present themselves, these changes are obviously revealed by never-been-lived-outside-of-Japan people easily compared with traditional Japanese principle. There is no doubt that as you submerge yourself into different culture, you learn things in the way that natives do and you eventually get used to what they do. When in Rome, do as the Romans do, this happens naturally and somehow, especially ladies, I can pretty much tell apart whether they are influenced by western culture or not. Typical traits would be the ladies with west coast vibe such as healthiness-conscious (well at least they pretend to be), long hair with a slight dying hair, more revealing clothing they wear (not the way that is skimpy), this is absurd but sunglasses with purse, having a coffee on the way to work, boots, sometimes flip-flops for sure. Plus they really like to have brunch on weekends. No ill intent whatsoever but those are things that I can think of. Well, I get told couple times about myself being Americanized and that is not really most pleasant thing I would like to hear so my bad if those personal opinion get you mad.

At least most of things that I would like you to discover with my preference in Japan would be influenced by western culture. However, a lot of them elevate its quality and have esoteric value in themselves. This entity “RIVORA” is not just one of typical easy-to-pull-it-off clothing to wear.

Chap from Tokyo, Yasuhiro Suzuki, he thinks all the creations of things originated from man himself. Those creations attract various interests from individuals and bring people together just like a river, the source of life, the beginning of development of culture and society, converging from different points to unite together. A name of the brand “RIVORA” is a phrase coined to denote River which consists of river, rio and Kawa (川).


His latest 15AW collection  is up recently so make sure to check his collection out with some of his look 15SS below.








I mentioned this before that the difference of casting models has anything to do with their piece of art or not. Just because we admire the way westerner dress, or just because those clothing look better with Caucasian people compared with Asians? I wonder the proportion of models that all Japanese brand use and why.



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