Vol. 35 Manual Alphabet

When you try to do something, which personality comes into play to dictate what you do? Introverting you or Extroverting you? well for me, mostly introvert side of me control what I do. It is often said that having a confident is must-have attitude for man and being a pussy would be considered just as it sounds. Being introverts would be a great role in this type of personality and having a confident might be the opposite of being introverted for me I think. I have been trying to figure out how to embrace your own confidence over time with various experiences but it is not really working, rather I would reach out to certain extent of myself being confident enough to do something that others might not even think they need to be confident to do so. Here I am being unemployed and sitting on my ass all day seeing stupid YouTube quite often wondering what to do for my life, I definitely need to step up for myself.
When I see all those clothing and creative entity, somehow I can be as excited as going out with your favorite girl and think what’s going to happen at night. I think I would stick to what I do for now and see what’s going to happen for a while as well as earn some fucking money for living.

This time, I would like to introduce brand called “Manual Alphabet”, Domestic production at its finest in Osaka, they are stick to what they believe and make the best of it.


Moderating or balancing with age, this is what they seek for. Just as from cradle to grave, they manufacture their product in Osaka with the hearts and hands of craftsmanship, not relying on automated machine. “Manufacture Quality Daily Wear”, as their motto conveys, with their quality-oriented detail and silhouette combined together would create like a atmosphere of secluded garden. They also keep their mind of making shirts that get you excited. They have Basic and Collection line to be discovered but this time I would like to focus on the basic because basic kills it that it’s classic and elegant, right


Oxford BD Shirt Navy


6oz Denim Shirt Navy


Oxford BD Shirt Pink


Basic as it is, I personally would like to take a look at their product to see the fit and structure of it. I’m really picky about shirt especially the width of armhole. It must be well fitted so that it can give you a greater look fitted with your body. Aside from my personal preference, Their product can be purchased at couple oversea retailers so check them out before you regret.





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