As a kid from suburb area, I do remember that the community, people around me plays great roll with my life. Whatever you do, regardless of who you are with or even by yourself, someone is always watching over you to support for what you do whether it is a stupid prank that no one would be appreciated or going to a dangerous place to seek for an excitement. I also remember that neighbors scold me quite often around my house for the damage and improper behavior that I cause from fucking around. It was a pain in the ass at that moment but also taught me how lucky I was to grow up from area like that and how blessed I was to have someone besides parents. As I write this my ego-centric article, I think I left those precious moment back then and now I almost forget what it is to be in the community and feel the bond and warmth because I have done really stupid thing. In order to be away from society and focus on myself, I got rid of all connections that I have made in Tokyo and thought that I would fresh start for myself because of the vagueness for what I wish myself to be and what I want to do for my future.
This Hiroshima-born project “ONOMICHI DENIM PROJECT” get myself back on the track of importance with being in a community and remind me again of true beauty of connection with one another again.


Onomichi, one of Hiroshima’s cities has its own community where it seems there is no relation with Denim, this place is actually one of well-known city in Japan for denim producing. From the worldwide famous brand to the heritage-oriented brand, this spot is the birthplace of quality denim and would like to use denim as an outlet to connect people. As well as promoting themselves, they want to convey a message to the world how important to inherit the value of Japanese manufacturing and the philosophy of craftsmanship.


They are actually in the middle of processing “Phase 2” right now but I would like to introduce their whole-year project “Phase 1”. It has created interesting story to tell.


If you are denim geek, you surely know how denim changes its face as you wear certain amount of time, right? Wrinkles, whisker, and fading, those are the histories of how you spend your time with your denim and leave a story to tell. They actually tried never-seen-before project that they would show the true story and individuality of each workers at Onomichi city by providing them a two pairs of denim jeans to create so called Onomichi Denim. As each individual wears denim, each one of them becomes a storytellerl and the project is meant to sell those “Authentic Used Denim” created by people from Onomichi.


2, 540 Pairs of Stories
They manufactured 540 pairs of denim. Each 2 denims are handed to 270 workers from Onomichi and they wore them on by a rotation every week. Those denims are manufactured by craftsmen at the area of Bingo where Onomichi is included. The combination of artisanal piece and storyteller from various works would create one-and-only denim that can describe their individuality.


3, 270 Participants
Workers from Onomichi including city mayor, regardless of age and occupation, just because of the warm-hearted and royalty that they embrace at their hometown, 270 people were participating this project. They varied from a Temple master, Farmer, Fisherman, Carpenter, Student, and other occupations.


4, The Process Per Week
Those denim that are provided per person, one pair of jeans has been in the process of washing every week while other pair is on the go. Every week, one pair has been collected, washed and distributed to each one of workers. Once they have been collected are also treated by the professional washer with a most careful attention. Depending on each pieces, the degree of color-fadeness, they change the process of washing so that each one of pieces has its own uniqueness engraved with its true color and state.


5, Each Set of  Values
This projects has been conducted throughout the year from 2013 to 2014 so that every 540 pairs has been made. Each one of them are examined by the denim expert Yoshiyuki Hayashi, more than 20 years of experience in domestic denim industry, a founder of brand called Denime, also a current designer of RESOLUTE, with his all experience he earned through his career, he priced each one of them with a careful attention to how these pairs turned out.


6, Only One
On the day of March 2014, they opened up their flagship store “Onomichi Denim Shop” to sell those denims that has been created. They also provide rigid denim, service of washing, repairing, hemming done by union special sawing machine, other miscellaneous that they promote their passion to the world.


At the first sight, I thought this project is sort of crazy enough to involve a lot of people to participate and it’s actually beyond amazing how it turned out. I am not a huge fasciando of denim but this unique idea and a passion that they hold touched my heart and I’m looking forward to see next project that’s on the process right now. Personally, I would love to cop one of their product if only those are good-fitted enough to suit my tiny ass and skinny leg. Don’t forget to check further details about them below.





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