Vol. 37 Short Film 3




Japanese company from Tokyo has its throne in socks industry over 20 years of experience. You would probably sound familiar with CHUP at some stores especially J.Crew. Hand Linking is the technique done by professional with circular knitting machines using bunch of knitting metal needles shown in the film. Especially low-gauge socks knitting, this process must be applied to create smooth finish at the toe part of the socks. When you turn your socks inside-out and you would see the slight bump at the toe when those are made with machine-stitched process. Hand linking on the other hand, it creates seam to link with a single thread creating a smooth and comfortable finish. You might wanna check out your own socks to see if those are made by breaking a sweat or not.




Nakashima WoodWorker

Another Japanese descent from New Hope, PA, George Nakashima, he unfortunately passed away early 90’s so that his daughter Mira Nakashima, receives his legacy to pass down his ethos of craftsmanship, history, and passion. As you can see in the video, there are several workshops and craftsmen that have a dedication to the meticulous structure of each parts of furniture conducted with solid concentration. Those well crafted furnitures are the results of his passion and his daughter would like to keep it running with his heart of artisanal philosophy.




Nui.Hostel and Bar Lounge

For those who travels around the around and happens to visit Japan, this is a exactly good place to at least check out for staying. Located in Kuramae, Tokyo, Nui. offers you a great hospitality that you feel like you are welcomed as one of their family. Nui. basically means sewing in Japanese and I happened to find them along with my research and interest in fashion so I decided to let you folks know about them. Established in 2012, Kuramae is known as one of spot where craftsmanship has been prospered over a decade ago. The building used to be a storehouse for toy company that was build in Edo period and is fully-refurbished place to stay. For more details, check out their website and you might wanna consider staying at their place.


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