Vol. 38 my beautiful landlet

I recently post my thoughts on reddit to see how people from all over the world think of Japanese men’s fashion in general. The results are amazing enough to give me a heart attack, realize how poor my English is repeatedly, and how not well-educated enough to again repeatedly look into online dictionary to see what people are trying to say. My confidence broke down a bit. Well, part of me is actually really sad that all that I have earned does not really add up to structure my thoughts and does not really make sense but other part of me is thinking that I should be more focus on what I love and reach out to you guys by putting a effort to what I do now. I get to see various opinions from people and I am really glad to get to know and I will keep researching my own country Japan.
my beautiful landlet” Osaka born brand try to prove themselves that they are worth knowing from the land of rising sun.


The designer Koji Akasaki opened up his own brick & Mortar Shop at Osaka in 2003. His product represents his affection to things that he admire to this period of time and share those pieces together. Without seasonal concept, He carefully selects color, form and material in order to build his collection. His collection is known as mixed style of mode and street and consists of various colors with a twist of Scandinavian influence as well. The name came from concept that he would like to let you use his beautiful land that imply to people that by using his product, he would like to share his philosophy and beautifully crafted pieces would give you a new land to nurture your lifestyle.


His latest 2015 AW collection is on the way to retailer now so please take a look.





 His pieces are not exactly my type because I would prefer wearing more well-fitted clothing than his. His pieces are more of a relaxed, loose fitted, tunic-esque sweater, laid-back feeling as if to give me the idea of Scandinavian to it. Fortunately their website is written in English so if you think you might want to cop then e-mail to them so that they might be able to let you know where you can buy them. Also they have their associated flagship store in Osaka called Wallace & Murron so if you happen to visit Osaka, this is one of the spot that you can take a look at.





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