How do you cope with everyday task on daily basis? You get up morning to get ready for the work, work, get back to your own comfort zone, chill and sleep. While doing all those routine action, there are so many things that you need to take care of in order to pull your life together. I noticed myself that whatever I have in mind, I feel like I need to get it done already but a lazy part of me plays stupid roll to procrastinate too often so that I sort of get myself into situation where I have too much in my mind that I fuck them up quite a while. I often hear that focusing on the simplest thing that’s in front of you would be the best way not to procrastinate. However, as you cleared up your task simply, there is always another task that would come at you to wait for the solution. Maybe I think too much about that but somehow I started to think this procrastinating attitude is not as good as I think it is. Well, knowing yourself is a long way to go so probably I will get that straight someday somehow.
Leave one of my traits behind, I would like to introduce another Tokyo-resident brand “THE HIGHEST END”, They are one of the entity from Tokyo to propose their way of lifestyle with their fine pieces.


Dude behind “THE HIGHEST END”, Yoh Saito, years of experience in fashion industries enable him to create his pieces based on military, work wear, motorcycle culture, he call them “Universal Style”. He proposes his own style based on those cultures with principles of appreciation on history, good old days, and the sense of happiness. Daily wear that one can pull it off with conformity and let him be as natural as he can be. Also from a point of male view, he tries to depict the essence of dapperness with his pieces in order to reach out to the high-end realm. Not that it means high-end clothing, but high-end principle that man should embrace.  I like his attitude a lot that pursuing his way by thinking what the dapperness one can pull it off.


Basically his collection does not only focus on the clothing at all. It proposes but also more of a style for dude to mix the culture of military, work wear, and motorcycle culture. Here are his items below.


Ridin’ Jacket

Original denim produced in Okayama is used with this item. 13oz natural denim.
11MJZ by wrangler, reproduced with a mobilizing plait on its back.


Leather Vest

Made by cowhide, Buttons are manufactured with an original real horn. Adjuster belt is attached to its back, dotted cotton is used with its lining.



Sir Mont type, iconic sunglasses used by Malcolm X. Crafted with a painstaking effort by Japanese craftsmen.

Officer Shoes

Chucka boots, classic boots that has a source of desert boots. The combination of dressy and work wear is described with these shoes.


Ton-Up S/S

Inspiration from young guns, Ton-Up Boys, reproduced with their principles. Everlasting pieces from good old days.


I really like how his pieces describe the mixtures of those cultures. As far as I know, there are tons of Japanese brand that has a same aesthetic as his, his collection is considered to have an affordable price range and express well with his whole collection. I have also noticed how well-educated he is about an knowledge of detailing and culture as well. I am looking forward to check out his brand from now on.





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