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This weekend, I went to check out some interesting gallery/place/exhibition to fulfill my curiosity and get myself out from my own comfort zone. Each of these places has different location in Tokyo and it seemed to me that the walk was like one big trip overseas for me even though it was probably a not-so-damn-faraway distance like my home to couple stations away. I realized that I should get my ass up to explore Japan at least on the weekend in order to discover what really Japan has to offer even though I can let myself travel everywhere, whenever I want. These places I visited, I will talk about them soon and it was really interesting to take a look at. On the way to one of places that brought myself out, I needed to let myself cuddle with whole bunch of people at Omotesando. I also realized that among countless people, a lot of foreigners are spending their time on exploring Japan as well. No wonder Japan is one of the leading must-see countries to visit. I felt that I somehow would love to support them in some ways. Let’s see how I can do that or not.
monokraft” this entity is one of those that has a lot to tell to the world. I would like to dedicate to help Japanese entity like them to the world.


Their product would be something that grows old together with their owners. All the changes such as bending, cracking, and changing color due to fragility, it embraces those changes as time goes by and they only use quality wood which produce long-lasting wooden furniture for owners to enjoy their history with their product. Walnut, Oak, Black Cherry, White Ash, and Maple are being used to produce their product in Higashikawa, Hokkaido. Manufacturer from Hokkaido “Interioir NASU’ without any line operation, each piece is made from start to finish by the artisans. By these predecessors with esoteric experience that they earned through their life, delicate lines and slight distortion of the curved surface are made to show their skilled-techniques.


dtw table


Simple, yet robust and sophisticated, assembled by basic pieces put together in order to emphasize the beauty of wood. Crosspiece of wood is being used in order to prevent bending so as to call suitsuke-zan so that the top board of wood stay elastic enough to cope with moisture. Oil-finished.


acw chair


Time and space to be yourself, an armchair with a big seat for multiple postures such as working, reading, eating, resting, etc. Seat surface can be chosen from natural cotton and linen fabric or leather. Oil-finished.


Pieces of wood put together would initially be fresh and new, however as time pass by, each of piece will be exposed with your daily lifestyle so that unique mark would be shown as to accentuate its existence. I have mentioned so many times that I love the state of everything that was made to last would reach out to the end of its purpose, that journey it spend time with show how much they have done their duty and talks itself about history that it creates together.
Look into more of their product here below and enjoy their world of wood furniture they create.





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