Vol. 41 monochrome

Last week I was trying to explore different side of what I think one of the “Cool Japan” is. When it comes to think about the image that “Cool Japan” broadcasts, a lot of them are awesome enough to let the world know about and I personally want you folks to enjoy and discover about those entities. However, Those types of entity have certain stigma attached to it that even us being Japanese wonder that it is really cool side of Japan or not. The definition of “Cool Japan” can be vague and probably you folks think of various types depend on your personal preference but I would like to present as this way, we are islanders so a lot of what we do is coming from outside, we do in a way that remix all those cultural legacies from outside to elevate them with modern detailing, improvements in quality and also appreciate what you folks have been influencing for us. It may sound a little weird to say that not only us capable of doing that but as a born-and-raised Japanese myself, I would like to broadcast what you folks enable us to do and let you know what we have achieved and hopefully we would like to attract you guys as well as giving back.
So I went to see couple exhibitions to tell you an artsy side of Japan.
This time, “monochrome


monochrome”, organized by HHH gallery, curated by one of the giants in his art scene “USUGROW”, featuring these 8 artists including Mike Giant and Aaron Horkey, The rest of these 6 Japanese made their way to show their true art pieces with these honorable dudes from U.S. As the title stated, their black and white, utilizing untouched white canvas space not as blank, but rather as to depict their space and color with their technique of drawing, they allow themselves to create detailed and complex monochrome state-of-the-art.



Surprised enough for me that he is a son of Katsuhiro Otomo, the creator of AKIRA. Created by ballpoint pen to depict modern-day controversial manners and customs of Japan.



Ex pro-skateboarder in Japan as well as tattoo artist, owner of skateboard brand Asianwave skates. His projected idea of Japanese tradition and spirituality is depicted with his art.



Pencil drawings, KYOTARO (I was misguided that he was SHE!!) spiritual message have been broadcasted through her artwork from her creativity.



SADAM renders everyday skateboarding life and nature scene in pen and ink drawings. The shark painting was my favorite so far!



Intertwined elements of fashion and Japanese culture, created with mechanical pencil to depict jet-black euphoria.



Detailed illustrations using technical pens, the curator of this gallery, USUGROW enable these Japanese artist to get together to have this amazing exhibition.




“In an age where the art world overflows with an abundance of art styles, their traditional approaches to craftsmanship stand out, providing a sense of relief and freshness to viewers who may otherwise find themselves lost in the massive sea of choices.”


Each one of them differentiates themselves by their traditional approach to artisan. With their ignorance of tech-oriented method, those simple tools that they use definitely enable them to stand out more than any photoshopped, computer-illustrated arts for sure. Their exhibition will end in July 12 so for those who are in Japan may let yourselves have a look at their place to see what they has to offer.







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