The tourists from China, “Inbound” (usually this term is used for those who recently come from Asian Region in general) are buzzing our market especially from the beginning of 2015. Along with a devaluation of the yen, more and more of those people are heading inbound to Japan in order to explore what this small, yet unique land of rising sun has to offer. These Chinese tourists would spend more than half of their viaticum with shopping compared with other tourists that generally do the opposite. What’s interesting here is that they also love “Made in Japan” product. Aside from all negatives gossips against them, they are now becoming one of the main sources of increasing turn over for many Japanese companies.
Last week, I went to check out some of my interests with art then I noticed that there are actually few of them that had visited an exhibition of “NUTS ART WORKS”. I was surprised how they got to know this exhibition. Still, it is always good to see foreigners paying a visit to Japanese entity and get to know about them. Here’s what I also see from that exhibition as well.


Born in Aomori, his name is not exposed due to his privacy but this guy have been in this game so called “sign painting’ for more than 15 years. Last year, his first archive book was released with how he views a world. With a proliferation of computer-designed, hand-lettered storefronts, billboards, with brush and paint are on the verge of its existence. Thanks to the growing trend, or I would say re-recognition of traditional method, stick to root type of attitude, 80’s legacies of his state-of-the-art are now heading back to their way to be loved and appreciated.


This huge red dude was standing at the door front and welcomed all the guests. He seemed to be little tripping from my point of view and this dude became a sticker and his philosophy on him.


Some of his art at the stairs, his creation is also featured in some Japanese brand. I realize how delicate his art piece is when I have a close look at it. With his hand-lettered process, I love how depicting a tattered letter and torn-and frayed type of feeling that each one of his creation radiate.


This is the true example of good ol’ days sign painting for sure even though I have no knowledge in drawing and painting sadly…..


This art piece in white on the right was my favorite. 





I brought myself right after this exhibition was opened so there were only few people there and I got to spend a lot of time to take a look at his collection. I’m amazed by how he let himself influenced with American traditional technique of sign painting and create such an enormous numbers of pieces with his years of experience. Well, I am not wealthy enough to purchase his pieces yet and usually those artsy products get expensive to be honest but someday I would like to purchase one of his product as well as his archive book which would cost me more than 300 dollars.







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