It has been almost two month since I started to do this blog and nothing so far has happened for me to be honest. This becomes more of a chore for me to write my daily life with a little bit of info for those who might be interested in my contents. At first, I actually have a bigger picture (even still I do) to broadcast what Japan has to offer to the world based on my preference, I started to have a doubt that this is something that I can contribute to the country where I am from or not. Yet, Consistently I would need to do this because not only about those who might be reading this from somewhere but also for myself that there will definitely be a possibility to get to know more about what Japan is capable of.
Last week, I went to visit place called “ART IWATA” at the middle of nowhere but office building around out there. It was quite interesting to see some of the collection out there.


This is the place owned by Teruo Iwata, a photographer, producer, and multi-talented dude, he has been collecting enormous amount of art pieces as well as books, T’s and even whole bunch of Rolling Stones Pins!! He turned his collection into an art gallery-esque type of place I would say but this place is more of an 3 dimensional art-collage canvas with a little bit of meeting space. This place is also known for one of actual photo session booth at the rooftop of this building so if you folks possibly visit there then you might encounter some of Japanese famous figures that you don’t know much about.


Nameboard. It was sort of difficult to find this place because all those skyscrapers of office buildings are standing and hiding this location and plenty of salary man was there at that moment when I visit there. One of Japanese article says that he choose to settle in this place because he wants to get rid of feeling that occasionally art gallery offer us some kind of sophistication like high-end boutique feeling that some people find it a little intimidating to enter. He offer us more of a relax type of gallery that no one feel intimidated by entering art-is-the-shit type of place.


This room (or I would say this building) is probably owned by him and on the way to get into there, walls are covered with full of pictures ranging from Mick Jagger, Patti Smith, Nirvana, you name it, tons of artists are facing each other engaging visitor to welcome including Japanese one’s which I recognized some of them. I felt it was like a mirrored room that everywhere you have a look, there are stars everywhere and everyone’s watching you. It was a little terrifying to be honest.


The room is covered with art pieces, self-portrait, photo album of well-known musician, lots of vintage art book, and CDs. Self-portraits and posters are well-organized and each on of them has a history that can be passed down to generations. I wish I was at that time when all those artists are on the rise and live their own very moment.




One of the biggest surprising things was the collection of Rolling Stone’s Pin badges. You could see whole series of “Tongue and Lip” design on each pieces and some of their designs are rarely seen on the market. I wonder that owner’s favorite band is of course the legendary band “Rolling Stones” and he has set a stone rolling by collecting all those pieces to reminisce his youth as well as his most-loved band of all time.







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