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As I have been exploring the contents of this blog, I found various type of possibility that I can broadcast to the world all the way from Japan. Few links, websites from Japan written in English are just as amazing as those brands that I would like you folks to know. I also wonder how they started to do such a thing to convey the contents of Japanese-related articles. Do they start from nothing, or they prepared for a long time in order to sail with a better quality or not.
I recently read the Japanese article from one dude about how “Made in Japan” can affect our consciousness of purchasing. I believe that if you have enough money to spend on clothing besides your daily need, you can definitely purchase one of those passionate artisans that devote their time on making quality clothing. However, most of people do not even care about whether those products are manufactured in Japan or not. As long as their pocket money let you buy what they think they need, they purchase just like their food. I feel like I need to change that so that a lot of people appreciate how these people from factory work their ass off to make a living out of what they think is right.
Again and again, “meagratia” is one of the Japanese brands that I find it really interesting to let you folks know about. I hope you like enough to purchase at least something from them.


Established in 2011 the guy behind the brand, Takafumi Sekine, with those years of being an intern while he was being a student at Tokyo Mode Gakuen, he finally set his boat to sail to the men’s fashion game. Along with his name of the brand “meagratia”, retrieved from Latin word “gratia”, his concept is described as congenial rhetoric way below.

“The past to the future, weaved hope for the ones from the blessing of the past. As time goes by, the thoughts change its form by bearing the earmarks of deepness, a continuous shifting lead to the progress lapped by generosity. Assisting ones to pursue their dreams with a fabric that is made out of dream and happiness, to express the enclosed warmth of humanity, the will of history remain within a chemistry of something old and new. The will mark the future as if to shine light into it.”

Poetic indeed. Those layers of his thoughts became his tangible art pieces to express his great effort and sensitivity. His latest 2015 AW collection is updated so check down below.



As many as Japanese brand trying to pursue their way, this brand caught my eye one day at somewhere around Nakameguro. It’s been a while since I have been researching about my preference and this brand became one of my favorites. Please check out some of his full collection below as well.




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