Tsuyu, the rainy season in early summer in Japan, It basically lasts from the beginning of June to mid-July so we are in the middle of it right now. I personally do not mind about this continuously dripping water all the way from the sky, yet sometimes it gives me hard time to get out of my house because of not wanting to get wet. Since I mostly stayed at my house working on my thing so that’s why it does not really bother me very much. Well, I might need to change that so as to live the way I wish it to be.
Summer sales have been in the market since around last week and I noticed that those sales are not as consumer-stimulating as those sales in the states such as black Friday and cyber Monday. There are couple sales going on in the states with Independence Day. I wonder how a combination of conducting sales and national holiday occurred. Probably it might be a good idea for Japanese to do the sales along with Japanese holidays as well?! Well, July is one of the main months to conduct a summer sale in Japan so let’s give it a shot to do it with marine day to see what will happen…

BALABUSHKA REMNANTS” from the city of Tokyo, started in 2009, the designer Jun Hirano, he started this brand to propose clothing and accessories that enable fashionista to enjoy with his clothing throughout the year. His concept, influenced by vintage, work, and military style, His pieces are constructed with an ethos on street style with a modern design mixed with historical details, utilizing high quality materials with his product, comforting consumers to give them a choice to wear what they prefer to wear.


His latest 2015 SS collection is based on the concept of “The saddest thing in life is wasted talent” I definitely agree with his concept. Not in the ego-centric way to think of myself but including myself, there are lot of young guns or even adults that they think they are wasted because of everyday workload or I would say something that they need to do in order to bring food on the table everyday. I wonder how many people are thinking of this concept that you just don’t pursue your own dream and doing things that you maintain yourself just like anybody else.





The first look is my favorite so far, reminds me of Axel Rose from Guns’n’Roses. I love the clothing that has a cultural appreciation or rather something that reminiscing history or some sort. His product is amazingly well-expressed that I can feel cultures behind his philosophy, not just taking historical detailing to a modernized pieces. I’m pretty sure I would follow his collection from now on. His whole collection is down here so please have a look and feed your mind and soul with his pieces.




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