Vol. 47 Finders Keepers

When I was about junior high school that all of excitement toward western culture started, I got to have my first cellphone for myself. Since then this buddy is always with me and never going to leave me pretty much for anywhere I go. I get to know tons of information from him so that I feel like I’m walking with a library. I also would never forget to appreciate how the proliferation of Internet and evolved technology has allowed us to be able to communicate with anybody from all over the world. However, recently I often wonder that those benefits sometimes allow us not to get away with being connected so that we might be distracted from things that we need to focus on. Cellphone works as if your mom that it always gives you a notification or call to wake you up, sounds that it give us a gut to make a bond with somebody you care, or it could be a disaster to constantly make some noise to draw your attention. I felt that I myself need to control an exposure of cellphone and I need to step away from my buddy occasionally. How about you guys? Have you ever felt that your cellphone must be your distraction to do something important?


“Finders Keepers”, brand from Tokyo and the director behind this brand, Kazuyuki Akitani, Tokyo-born creates his world based from his experience of being a stylist. His attention was drawn to making clothing as an expression of his own style that he proposes. Under the name of “Tokyo Garment”, his creation focuses mainly on denim and leather products influenced from his curated life experience in 90’s Shibuya, Tokyo. American casual with a twist of vintage, his way of expressing himself so as to call “New American Vintage Style” from 90’s essence in Tokyo.









2015 SS Look 



I personally never get to have a chance to feel what it is to be in a center of Shibuya in 90’s but I could somehow feel a vibe of kids who’s hanging out like they own the world from his collection. As far as I know their look book is a little too small to actually picture the products worn by models and I think they should have some more photos to show how many products they produced so that viewer could get to see various style with their product. Yet, I really like the basicness of his collection with a twist of naughtiness that clothing could hold.




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