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Everyone is walking on the way of life. Around my age in Japan, usually they started to think to get married, have kids or even buy a house. I am not really sure that is actually a typical phenomenon for late 20s in general or not but I have seen so many people starting to get together to have a path of long road not being alone. Recently I received a card for wedding reception from one of my friend back in high school. This is third times of my life and given that card makes me think that I’m walking my way of life without even thinking about those things that had happened to them in young age I believe. Being late 20’s covers us up with a lot of things in our mind as well as put us in the situation where we get confused whether we really are grown ups or still need some help being an adult. Been few years with your job and enable yourself to get to the point where you can be stable with your life and probably spare some time to think of your life ahead. However, it seems to me that a lot of us including me are almost hesitant to take one step closer to be a real grown up to take care of yourself on your own. I personally think that I might be still a child after all at some point.


Unlike me, from the land of gigantic fashion world Japan, owned by grown-ups “Varde77” is known to be one of the cool store to visit from fashionista in Japan and I could get to visit their store and allowed to take some of pictures inside so please have a look.


This store is located couple minutes walk from station called Yutenji, two stations away from massive crowded place Shibuya. This area including Daikanyama, Meguro, these places have a lot of stylish shops and places to eat that they can offer for trend-sassy people along with many residences building as well. “Varde77” started in 2006, Hiroyuki Miyata is none other than vintage aficionado himself that he has been in this game for quite some time. It also own its clothing line and its collection had been exposed to Paris collection in 2011. “Vintage and Future” its concept has a profound implication that something that has left to now remains a scent of the past and exist as of now and to the future with other scent that will embrace itself with time passing by.


At the first site that I saw was these series of shoes with some belts. They also sell selected vintage clothing as well as some boots below. Those three colors sandals are their recent release ones. Those types of sandals, we call these strap sandals, are one of a trend that has buzzing the market with socks. You folks do not really believe people are wearing these with socks on but it’s been really popular especially among girls.

Their place is themed with retro look with a twist of oldies that there are lots of old stuff such as pictures, objects, and decoration of really old woods. That coat hanger is from 70’s that the surface is scraped off from lusting and it has a good vibe of stuff that has been with time for a while.


I have found the pieces of gear wheel with a clock. It shows how much time has passed by with a condition of changing its color as of lusting. I personally love the feelings of metal decaying by exposing to the oxygen so that its color will eventually turn into yellow or brown-ish to express how old each one of pieces have spent their time being out here in this world.

At the counter, there is really an old register and I believe this is from almost half a decade ago. This register has a manually counting numbers that it show you a numbers with plastic paper flipped manually by typing how much you want to show to people. I really like the combinations of this register with a credit card scanner that they both managed to show me how years of effort made by human has evolved over time.


My favorite part of the store is these series of vintage necklace, bracelets and rings.

This is my first time visiting this store and this place is exactly what my room would like to be. Surrounded by old stuff and even some vintages stuff that gives me an inspiration of what it was actually like with freshness back in time. Visiting place like this is something that I would like to do. Along with my first visit, I would hopefully continue to do things like this and let you folks know other side of Japan as well.





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