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One of the retailer maven in Japan “United Arrows”, their concept shop “United Arrows & Sons” has released its AW concept as “Indigo” recently. Proposed idea will be featured with Japanese traditional method such as indigo and Sashiko (Japanese quilting method). Through their filter, the idea of “Japanese Native” is projected with products such as indigo-dyed work wear that is manufactured in Miyazaki Prefecture. You can see a sneak-peek here with few pictures. Along with these fashion giants, I see some featured articles overseas on Japanese product as well as the boom of “Made in Japan” has gradually been earning some fame over these couple years. Still, when it comes to actually think of it, there is plenty of work needs to be done to broadcast what actually it is all about with a deep detailed explanation against world. Us being in a world where it’s pretty much all about globalization nowadays, there are only few medium that write about Japan in English. I consider myself one of them, yet my English is poor as fuck to realize myself that English is such a difficult language to deal with, I personally love writing anything in English and love for my own country as well so that’s why hopefully like-minded people will gather around to create new collective of pioneering what is out there to change.


This time, I’m not a huge sneaker heads myself but one of my consider-myself-a-habit, collecting something, that’s why I would like sneaker heads to take a look at this brand “blueover” because you guys are definitely the one to have a prone to collect. One Japanese shoe brand with an ethos of “New Unchanged”, based on highly respected Japanese craftsmanship, they create their pieces with vibes of 80’s and 90’s of Japanese culture so that they present themselves covered with Japaneseness. Established in Osaka, They hold their value on techniques and tradition of Japanese artisans and factory. One of their philosophy is down below to let myself convinced that humbleness and being passionate about what you love is really great and bright.


Seeking for possibilities of Japanese sneakers. (Down to Earth)

“To achieve our goal, we focus on a gap between factory and market. The market always requires freshness. And companies never stop advertising. This competitive market has continuously grown, and small factories that supported companies had got exhausted and lost their power of production. blueover sneakers are produced by these small factories. Without realizing, products became commercial, and they lost their raison d’etre. Originally, these products had reasons to be produced, and we also had reasons to get them. This would have been pure communication between people. Our belief is to connect factories to market, expressing our creativity. To keep on producing in Japan, we try our best to solve problems, adding our creativity. That would be real “Made in Japan”, we think.”  



Mikey mid






I changed my preference about shoes more than 5 years ago from sneaker to leather shoes or boots. I wear sneakers sometimes but I only wear slip-on type with sold color because I find them very comfortable and easy to take off. Now I feel like I would love to purchase “Mikey” because it has a solid color and I don’t think it’s too bad to wear sneaker/running type of shoes afterall.





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