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Couple months had been past since I was away from all those skyscrapers that stand out in the center of Japan. I could barely survive for myself with everything that I have got right now to be honest with a support of others. Yet, I consistently keep myself up for what I would like to do in order to seek for my future. However, not everyone is willing to take that opportunity to think that way. Of course it is already a cliché that people experience up and down for life that they cannot ignore. Taking some risks to be able to do what motivates us might be hard for some of us but at least lifetime that we embrace can be unpredictable so getting rid of your pride and speak your heart out could be a good thing to share.
Random thoughts flows in my head in regards to pretty much anything so this platform that we have created, The Internet, would be something that undoubtedly a good medium to let the world know what we can do. For those who happen to take some time to read through what I do, there are some folks like me who are trying to achieve something that we seek with almost impossible task that they can hold, second-language-English-speaker broadcasting so to say. It might be a stupid idea but I would like to stick with that stupidity. Here is what I offer today. “YOAK Tokyo”.

Another shoe brand established this year, “YOAK Tokyo”. Footwear brand that they think their product would be something for the very special day. Their shoes are manufactured at company that has a history of more than half a decade here in the center of Japan, Tokyo. Providing supreme quality, universal design with an additional approach of silhouette, detailing, and those shoes are meant to match with jackets or shirts. YOAK is a coined term taken from the British Royal Family’s Rank, The DUKE.

They are one of the whistleblower against mass production and mass selling. Being away from this standardized phenomenon, for the near future (well, personally it is happening right now and it has with some people like me), the designer who had some noble experiences in shoemaking both at Japan and UK would like you folks to take a look at their products and see the time that will be spent with you.











I personally like the slip-on sneaker because of the simplicity and the color as well.
One of the statements that the designer mentioned sort of gives me an inspiration. It stated that “our new and fast-forward age allow us more to face toward product itself with an ethos of continuity and authenticity. It means that using well-crafted item for a long time can be a trend or becomes mainstream. I simple love that idea but one concern might be the financial aspect to be honest.






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