Vol. 52 Short Film 5



The hobo

Whether it is a hobo or boho, I made this mistake couple times when I used to have my hair really long and people call me that. I like both of them anyways. Tokyo-born collective that has two contradicting personalities, “Equipment” and “Adornment”. Vagabond inspired brand has its own taste with a principle of overflowing creativity and idea that stick to nothing but a free spirit. Mainly manufacturing bags and wallets, they also propose a lifestyle that think-outside-the-box-type of attitude. With that philosophy, they create their product done by skilled artisanal here in Japan to broadcast the capability that us Japanese can spare with world. The process of making bags has a lot to offer. Made in Japan product can wander around the world to let you folks know there might be a world that you would never know unless you experience it.





Japan is really famous for sake when it comes to get drunk and hangover. This distillery from Shiga prefecture, this is the first Japanese rum driven by the spirit of Japanese craftsmanship, Monodukuri. Micro distillery established in 2013, with a full-detailed in English, “Sincerely made rum from Japan “ is something that we aspire to learn as well as to share this to the world. Legitimate and diligent work for authentic quality, being able to deliver unrivaled experience, and appreciation for the man-made product is something that we should be blessed to have them all and enjoy with them.




Sawaya Matsumoto

Then, this is actual sake company from Kyoto, Sawaya Matsumoto. All written in English, which is great to get you folks know about them. More than 200 years of experience in making sake and their philosophy of “SHUHARI”, preserving tradition while coming up with new ideas to break it so that new value is born by reminding both tradition and new idea, is ready to be broadcasted to the world. The value of Kyoto has amazed you folks at certain point if you get to visit Japan but there is actually tons of company like them to let their creativity and sensitivity know to the outside of Japan. Please get to know more about them.



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