Summer has finally come. My life is overwhelmed by deadly scorching heat regardless of breaking a sweat to just make the best of it. Also feeling myself breaking out into a sweat just to sit in front of my personal assistant, Macbook Pro, which I have been using for about 2 years and it gets even extremely hot during my blogging unfortunately. It is really annoying to feel heat being let out from it and I would like to know how to turn this burning air off as well as this damn hot atmosphere around me.
Last week I brought myself out to the event called Handmade in Japan Festival 2015 organized by Creema, A market place on Internet where artists/creator/craftsman can buy and sell their original creation. This is two-days event that individuals of creative people from all over Japan comes along to have a huge market place to show their pieces to visitors. I thought that it was more of trade shows type of exhibition but turned out that it was actually enormous size of marketplace where everybody can enjoy buying handmade stuff and discover their favorite products. I will eventually post some articles regarding to that event for my favorites individuals that I found.
On next day, I visited small retail place called Aquvii to check out one art unit, MOTAS WORKS. I am fan of this antique, vintage lettering myself and here’s what I found.

10 minutes walk from Shibuya station, on the second floor of women’s sundry goods store, with a small room that covered with their art, MOTAS WORKS, American traditional lettering inspired artist get to have a little wonderland of their own creation. Two people names BOYA and TOMO was in this project to show their creativity with their artistic attitude.

Simple phrase with a various color was shown on each piece. Some of them are made as chalkboard so that you can write anything down on that board with your artistic inspiration that you randomly came up with.




I have no idea why i took this pictures of two pieces put together. I really like the sound of that though. Maybe I consider myself far away from being a foodie so that’s why subconsciously I hate being in the kitchen.

Giving you a great middle finger with a grafitti saying “Fuck Only” I wonder I would react if something like this will come at you giving a middle finger saying this message. Maybe This might be one of the most artistic way of marketing a prostitution.

By far this is my favorite art from them. Simple and cliche yet I love that straight-forwardness. At the right moment when I see this piece I felt sad a little to realize myself that being hard working is thought to be one of japanese traits, yet something that I lost in touch with for a while.

I wasn’t financially quite OK to purchase one of their products but I bought their sticker because what’s important for me is that I am more than happy to support artist like this to respect what they do as well as giving them a compliment by purchasing art so as to give a hand.


Their art was definitely enjoyable and those phrases that they selected was actually interesting enough to wonder how they pick up their words. Sentence might be able to give you a whole idea of what it means but couple words themselves enable us to wonder what it actually try to convey and also stimulate our imagination based off of how you look at it and who you see with. I will keep track of them to see their new art soon. 




Copyright (C) MOTAS WORKSAquvii All Rights Reserved.


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