Vol. 54 Handmade In Japan Fes 2015

Last Saturday, I brought myself out to this exhibition called HandMade In Japan Fes 2015. This exhibition is known to be one of the biggest handcrafted fair in Japan. Started from 2013, third time opening organized by Creema, online handcraft product market, Japanese version of Etsy connect creator from all over Japan to handcraft enthusiast, attract many visitors to let them cruise around what they are being offered. About 5000 creators get together to have their own booth to exhibit their art pieces.
I went to this place on the first day around noon and it was already full of people lining up for entering the site and I did not realize at that time that these folks are for those who did not purchase the ticket in advance so it turned out that about one and half hour had past since I join the lines of folks waiting. Well, I guess it was worth waiting to enter and I will get into little bit of details for you to show what’s out there.

Been walking around just to check out what they can offer for a while and I found this live painting artist. There are actually some of them doing their live painting on sight. I thought that painting your creativity into some sort of art form in front of people might be a true form of art that you just let your artistic sense out to create what’s in your mind or brain. I would not be able to do that kind of thing if I were them.

Couple scenes at exhibition, there are tons of people seeking for their favorite pieces from various type of products or art pieces. There are also many workshops that you can actually get to work on something that you can create with a hand of craftsmen. I have seen folks making silver rings, screen printing, and making candles etc. Part of me was willing to participate in these workshops but other part of me was eager to look around as much artist as possible to see their multiple variation of creation. even There are couple music live as well as some place for foodies and organic lovers outside of this building. Too hot to stay outside so I went back right after I stuffed my stomach with ong french fries with a craft beer.






Couple booths/creators that I found very interesting and cool, as far as I have seen pretty much every creator that’s out there, many similarity in terms of their designs and products could be found so that sometimes I wonder how they can let themselves stand out from others. Probably there is no such thing as “standing out” to promote in the means of selling their product.




Half a day that I had spent in order to explore around this exhibition and I noticed something. There are no intentions of hurting each one of creators whatsoever but they are most likely to be not good at making a conversation with people. Assuming that they are introverted type of personality and that’s one of the traits for them to be as creative as anyone else that showcase their creation. I believe that for those who have an introverting personality has much more creativity than for those who have an extroverting personality. That is actually me trying to balance those types of personality out for myself to get to know what Japanese creative people have in mind to let you folks know what Japan as capable of offering.






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