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From previous article that I created, I would like to introduce couple entities that are passionate in producing their art pieces. HandMade in Japan Fes that took place last weekends, I got to see numerous numbers of creators from all over Japan. Some are not as interesting as others based on my preference because of the redundant in designing and projecting their art pieces. Not that I find them boring, it is just not my type of things that I find them interesting. Couple unique ones ( I would definitely say ones that drew my attention to) will be featured in this platform from the land of rising sun to broadcast those talented people.
I would just like to let you folks know my preference. I would not call myself a professional about these topics but I just like those things from an aesthetic aspect. Anything that has an artistic factor to it, based on traditional culture-oriented, historical background, considered to be out of norm, and style owning up to those factors, most of all, anything that received from outside of Japan and modernized with a philosophy of Japanese people. There are countless things that I have in my mind but I can not really pick one because every each one of them gets me excited to get to know more about them.


BZOL, art and jewelry brand owned by couple Japanese folks, started at the heart of Paris “Arts et Metiers”. I have met three folks from this brand at handcraft festival mentioned above and I had a quick look at their collections. First of all, I did not really look at their jewelry collections rather I was more into the stickers that placed along with their accessories.

One of these folks, conversation started from with this dude, he has a way awesome tats on his right arm, he began talking about his little story that he used to live in the states playing music and got into tattoo art with his arm fully covered with tats showing, he also mentioned that he would like to create anything for me. Still, Honestly there will be money involved so that part of me was thinking I should ask him to create my personal designs after I have earned some financial allowance myself. These are the portraits that was on the display.


Sailor-jerry inspired art with a beacon, anchor, sinking ship, and seems-like-octopus monster holding a gem in the sea. Basically Anchor represents stability as well as what keeps you steady. Ship represent adventure so sinking ship might be projected as challenging adventure I suppose.

Magic lamp after rubbed, instead of genie showing up to make your dream come true, old traditional inspired design shows up to let you pick which designs you folks would like to have on your body. Every tattoo can be ones personal statement but I would love to get them all if genie let me have all those designs for myself.

Their main logo, mythical creature resting as if he is the king of this brand, initial B represents brand heart with an adornment of flower surrounded by it.

Sideways of Audrey Hepburn as it is with eyes closed, this is my personal favorite one and I would like to get this deign on my body someday… well I am not ready yet.


While I was talking to him (probably he is the designer of this brand because he mentioned he would like to become a tattoo artist for his future so assuming he draw all those designs above), he was really passionate about his art and also he has similarity as me who happened to be in the states for a while for chasing his dream but turned out to get back here in Japan. Hopefully both of us would like to keep doing what we like and achieve some accomplishment for our future.



彼のデザイン(メインはアクセサリーであったがそこにはあまり興味が無かった。笑)をとても気に入り、一瞬でポストカード4つ入りを購入。シールもおまけしてくれた。将来、自身達の力で完璧に独立した際にはここぞとばかりにタトゥーをいれてやろうと思った。正直、人の目やタトゥーを入れる事への恐怖とビビりな性格が邪魔をしているのは事実笑。勢いとPersonal Statementを体に刻み込む事は美しい事ではあるが、覚悟がいることではあるとも思う。

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